Apr 17, 2015

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How to Select a Perfect Tree?


Everybody loves trees, right? I mean – what’s not to love? They are huge and awesome, they give us oxygen and shade, we can climb on it and play with it, it gives us fruits and smells nice and… List just goes on and on. But, in order to be able to love your tree you need to do some planning first. You need to pick a good tree for the situation and doing so will determine it’s future. There is nothing worse than planting a tree with your kids or family only to see it torn down a year later because it was too big for the neighbors. You need to know what the end result will be and the reason why you are planting it.

You need to be careful how you place your trees, always keeping in mind that trees grow and being aware of those aspects. For example, if you plant a tree under a cable line – who is to blame when it grows and breaks the cables or gets burned on contact? Also, be mindful where you place the trees around your house. Ask yourself if the tree will block the sun when it grows? Or will the evergreens block the sunlight in the winter? Is a tree protected from the wind constantly blowing from the ocean? You need to know this.

7005923-twin-treesWhen choosing a tree you need to keep in mind how it will grow and what will it’s purpose be. If you wish to have a tree that will give you shade but won’t block the sun, there is a solution. Take a tree and plant it on the south side of the house, little further away. This way the sun will be able to shine on your house and your backyard will be in a cool shade all summer long. Choose a tree with a greater spread in order to cover more surface or simply plant more trees. You also want to be mindful of the type of tree you plant near your home.

No matter where you live, storms will always impact your trees and some times the tree can get damage or blown over. In this case you will need to hire a tree removal company to can take out the old tree so you can start over and plant another one. Trees are usually very strong and are able to withstand many storms, but once in awhile a tree may give way and either crack, break in half or completely fall over.

Also, you need to be mindful of the maintenance. Some trees shed a lot of flowers, spores, pollen or fruit. If there is a history of allergies in your home, you might want to consider adapting the tree choice to that. If you don’t like critters and small animals – don’t get the tree that serves as a food source since it is a sure way to attract a squirrel family.

Same way, if you don’t like cleaning after your tree, make sure to get one that doesn’t create a lot of debris. Sure, falling leaves are always gonna be there but some trees are notorious for creating a mess in your backyard. If you really don’t like raking leaves, you might go for the evergreen, but be warned: the fact that evergreens don’t get affected by the winter like other trees do doesn’t mean they don’t drop their needles. In fact, they do it a lot. And cleaning that mess up is even more important than cleaning leaves since the large quantities of needles can be acidic and kill other plants around the tree.

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